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UniMac UniLincTouch Product Lineup
OPTispray ™ from UniMac
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Flatwork Finishing Equipment – Unimac, CMV Sharper Finish & Braun brands

Improved Efficieny. Reduced Footprint.

Innovation designed to protect the environment as well as your bottom line

99 Customizable Cycles
Customize every load
  • Quickly and easily choose the ideal wash and dry cycles based on linen type, optimizing utility consumption.
  • Program water levels to use the optimal amount of water for each load, reducing utilities.
  • Dryness level settings allow you to select the perfect dry according to linen type.
  • Available in 34 languages for use by all members of your staff.
Eco Cycles
Save the planet – and your budget

UniLinc Touch has customizable cycles that represent special ECO Cycles, which are designed to reduce water consumption by up to 30% and minimize energy usage while delivering the same, unmatched UniMac wash quality.

OPTispray™ Rinsing Technology
Less water. Superior rinsing. Maximum throughput.
  • The ultimate rinsing innovation.
  • Minimizes the water required to rinse a load by as much as 39% over competitor brands.
  • Reduces cycle times by up to 12% for increased throughput.
  • Delivers a superior quality rinse.
  • Pulls wash chemistry through the load and down the drain, leaving behind 22% less residual wash chemistry in the load.
  • Saves up to $2,110 in yearly utilities compared to competitor brands.
OPTidry™ Over-dry Technology

Realize true efficiency—and true savings

  • Eliminates over-drying and the costs associated with it by precisely stopping the dryer at your preset dryness level.
  • Dryness level settings ranging from 0 to 40 percent allow you to define each cycle according to your specific needs.
  • Sensors offer up to 267 times more surface area than our competitors for pinpoint accuracy.
  • Revolutionary rotary transfer switch enables sensing thousands of times per second.
  • Rotary transfer switch requires no brushes or hard contact for maintenance-free, reliable performance.
  • Reduces utility and labor costs by thousands of dollars annually.
  • Decreases linen loss by up to 31%.
OPTispray™ Rinsing Technology
The fastest hardmount in the industry

UniMac’s 400 G-Force extraction removes maximum moisture, reducing dry times for optimized efficiency and throughput.
*G-Force speed dependent on model.

OPTidry™ Over-dry Technology
Eliminate issues before they’re problems

Auto leak detection reduces water consumption by detecting blockages and failures of fill or drain valves, identifying leaks before they cost your operation hundreds of dollars in wasted resources.